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Internal Linking: The SEO Advantage

Are you working on a great SEO strategy?
Do you wish to keep your audience engaged with your website content?

Great content adds value to technical SEO strategies (Meta data, alt tag, etc.) This ensures that you have a precise SEO strategy in place. With Google Algorithm changes focusing more on quality and originality, it is very important to deliver precise and accurate content to your audience. Google is more focused towards rendering quality content pages matching to the user’s search query. If we closely look at this scenario, content has a very larger role to play. Internal linking is an effective way to keep your audience engaged with your website content.
The benefits of interlinking of website pages:
1)      Enables simple website navigation
2)      Helps increasing time on site
3)      Adds to increase in page views
4)      Displays proper content structure
5)    Helps in more conversion
6)      Helps spread link juice around websites
7)      Helps to keep user interest intact


Social Media Quotes for You

Social media marketing is evolving and so are its meanings and concepts. Here are some of my favorite social media quotes for you.

“Social marketing eliminates the middlemen, providing brands the unique opportunity to have a direct relationship with their customers.”

– Bryan Weiner, CEO at Digital Agency 360i

“The goal of social media is to turn customers into your personal evangelist.”

– Shane Barker,

“Think like a publisher, not a marketer.”

–  David Meerman Scott, Marketing Strategist

“Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social.”

– Jay Baer, Convince & Convert

“All one needs is a computer, a network connection, and a bright spark of initiative and creativity to join the economy.”

– Don Tapscott,

“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.”

– Ian Schafer, Deep Focus

“Our head of social media is the customer.”

–  McDonald’s

Privacy is dead, and social media hold the smoking gun.”

– Pete Cashmore, Mashable CEO

“Today people don’t trust companies. One of the things marketers want to do is to humanize their brand. What better way to do it than put a live person in front of them.”

–  Jackie Huba, Author

“How can you squander even one more day not taking advantage of the greatest shifts of our generation? How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?”

–  Seth Godin,

“If content is king, then conversion is queen.”

– John Munsell, CEO of Bizzuka

SEO: Are you Banging on Google Door Blindly?

Search engine optimization (SEO) has really come a long way and has really altered the way how it shows the search results to the users. The recent Google updates are more focussed towards delivering quality and relevance to the users for their searches. Days have gone when marketers can stuffed their pages with keywords and find themselves on the top of the search pages. Now, the momentum is tilted towards quality, relevance and most importantly, no-spamming attitude.

From Panda to Penguin, Google took a strong action against spammers and advocated for the clean and relevant search preference. Hence, it is very important to deliver relevance through your website. Apart from keywords, there are several others factors that we need to consider. It is believed that Google considers around 200 factors in its algorithm. 

What you should do?

Here is a list of some actions items that can help you within your SEO efforts.

  •  Update content regularly
  •  User-friendly navigation on website
  • Ensure minimum page loading time
  •  Sitemap submission
  •  Keep track of your Google Webmaster account on regular basis
  •  Inter-linked your pages
  •  Have anchor-text optimization
  •  Use alt tags for images
  •  Ensure proper re-directs in place
  •  Use social signals
  •  Don’t spam website with keywords
  •  Ensure quality backlinks
  •  Build natural linking process

Facebook Marketing: How to Engage Facebook Fans?

How are you engaging your Facebook fans?

Do you have exclusive strategies for them?

You need to be. You need to treat your Facebook fans like your existing customers. You really have to value them to make them happy, active and responsive on your fan page. You need to make them a part of your marketing strategy to convert them in to your loyal customers.

I have often seen marketers ignoring the values of their Facebook fans. “They are just fans and I am not getting any monetary benefit from them”, this kinds of comments are very common for this kind of marketers. Hence, they totally ignore their value.

I am a big fan of customer engagement and I always like to write any topic that deals with customer engagement. In social media, Facebook page is one of the ideal place to generate stable and consistent customer engagement.

Here are some tips that can help marketers to engage their Facebook fans.

Create Exclusive Content: I have often seen marketers delivering identical content on several social media platforms. Whatever content they are sharing on Twitter, they are repeating it on Facebook, Google+, etc. According to me, it is useless and unwanted. Every platform has its own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to content. Hence, we have to treat them individually from the content point of view. To engage your Facebook fans, you need to give them something exclusive. They have liked your page or became your fans because they find some value in your business. Thus, as a marketer, you need to respect them and give them something special. It is advised to create unique content for your Facebook fans and engage them stably. This exclusivity will give them reason to be you.

Run Polls/Contests: Adding any contest or poll to your Facebook page makes your page happening and live. It gives your efforts that much-needed engagement push apart from your content marketing efforts. Also, it creates a fun or learning element for your page audience. And if you explore these kind of activities then you will find people engaging with your content also on regular basis. So apart from the exclusivity, you are also giving them an element of fun/education to be with you always.

Reward them for Loyalty: As a customer, everyone want to be rewarded or want some incentives. Facebook is one such platform that offers you create several customer rewarding opportunities. It depends on you how you want to reward your fans but do it on a regular basis. Be it in terms of freebies, discounts or special offers, give them a rewarding reason for liking your page and engage with your brand for a longer time.

Maintain Consistency: The most important factor for any marketing strategy. It is very important to maintain consistency in your marketing efforts. If you are creating a poll for your fan page, do it on a regular basis. If you are creating a content for your page, do it on a regular basis. So whatever you do, maintain consistency in it.

Remember, Social Media Marketing is for those who believe in long-term objectives, customer engagement and content consistency.

Email Marketing: How to Increase Opt-ins?

Email marketing is one of the ideal ways to reach out to reach target audience in bulk. However, marketers can get better results, if they can enable their target audience to subscribe to their mailing list. Permission-based email marketing is always better when it comes to marketing ROI. However, the test lies in encouraging audience to subscribe to the newsletter. Here are certain ways that can help marketers to build email marketing list.

1) Offer freebies: The best way to build email list is by offering incentives or freebies. Company website or social media platforms are very effective medium for this kind of strategy. The logic is to convert your existing website visitors or fans/followers into email subscribers. Especially, if you have an e-commerce website, you can definitely add to your email list by offering incentives to your website users. One way is to offer discounts to your visitors/fans on their next purchase. This way, you are not only building your email list, but are also building your brand loyalty.

2) Deliver exclusive content: Exclusivity is one big factor in attracting audience to your business. The another important way to build your email list is to offer exclusive content to your audience. In this way, you make them feel exclusive and special and feeling of being special is what every customer wants.

3) Run contests: As a marketer, you need to find ways to keep your audience engaged and live. Running a contest on social media or even on website can be very effective in adding to email list. The success in online marketing comes with innovation and consistency, hence, marketers need to be consistently innovative to encourage audience to be with them always. 

4) Make effective use of social media: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can add value to your overall process of email list building. By delivering consistent content and engagement on these platforms, marketers can ask their fans/followers to subscribe to their email list. They can also use third party applications like MailChimp to add subscribers to their mailing list.

One has to remember, if you really want to increase your email list, create multiple opportunities of customer engagement. It may be on your website or social media, be consisting in targeting your audience with precision and relevance.

Four Ways to Create Social Media Engagement

Are you using your social media channels to create stable engagement opportunities for your customers? If no, you are definitely missing something big in your marketing efforts. I have often seen marketers giving more importance to short-term objectives than long-term goals. Ideally, any marketing activity should focus on creating long-term impact. And to create this long-term impact, you need to engage your customers consistently. 

Today, I am going to write about five important ways that can be utilized to create stable engagement on social media platforms.

1) Be Creative with your Content: Content packaging and positioning is one of the important aspects of marketing efforts. Today, social media platforms have given ample opportunities for marketers to package their content in an attractive manner. Be it simple text, images or videos, marketers can take content liberty to reach out to their target audience.

Your content creativity should not be limited to the presentation of your content. Rather, it should be creative in exploring ideas to reach out to your target audience. This creativity can be in terms of offering freebies, contests ideas, emailers, promotional offers, etc. This means you should also get creative in your messaging on social media.

2) Be Consistent with your Content: There is a thin line between content consistency and content repetition. Every marketer should focus on consistency, not on repetition. If you want customers to be engaged with your social media platforms regularly, deliver content on a consistent basis. Let there be a reason and opportunity for customers to get engaged with your content. Even, if you are offering either of them, you can expect good returns in term of customer engagement. Be it Facebook, Twitter or any other platform utilize them enough to generate regular content.

3) Encourage Customer-generated Content: Are you encouraging or rewarding your customers to generate content on your social platforms. If not, please start doing it. It is very important for marketers to involve customers into their marketing efforts. If you are not involving your customers, you are missing important opportunities to generate business. Customer-generated content often results into increasing engagement on social platforms. 

4) Be Humanized: This aspect is very very important. How does your brand appeal to customers and how customers react to it is very important. When I say humanized your marketing efforts, it means make human an integral part of your marketing efforts. Try to highlight human values, emotions through your marketing efforts. You need to create that 'personal' touch in your marketing efforts.This humanization will not only result in engagement, but also give you long-lasting customer loyalty.

Social Media: Encourage Customers to Creat Social Proofs

I have always believed that social media marketing is a referral marketing. To succeed, in this kind of marketing space, marketers need to create ample opportunities to enable their customers to showcase social referrals. Any kind of reward would provide an ideal back-up for this kind of marketing strategy.

What makes social referrals unique?

Today's customers are techno-savvy. Before making any buying decision they tend to search for company information, product review or customers' feedback. Their final decision to buy the product is largely depended on the opinion they form after going through available product information. Instead of spending hours on company website to read product information they are more interested in reading live experience of customers. In such scenario, your customer testimonials available on different platforms form a major part of your lead generation program. 

We have often seen marketers add customer testimonials on their website. However, testimonials or referrals available on social sites considered to be authentic and true. This makes the brand more trust-worthy and customer-friendly.

How marketers can encourage?

For me, social media marketing is all about human. It has humanized the whole marketing scenario. Be it a selfie or plain text, customer testimonials available on social platforms not only makes brands real but also makes it humanized. It has provided marketers an opportunity to convert these referrals into creating new customer base.

The whole idea is to keep your existing customers happy and use them to create new ones. Marketers can have multiple social channels to use these referrals for their own benefits.

Here are some ways through which marketers can encourage social referrals.

1) Incentive-based programs
2) Special discounts
3) Loyalty programs
4) Special contests and announcements
5) Special recognition

It is very important to believe the fact that humanizing marketing concepts and taking customers seriously are two important basics of social media marketing.